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How This Branding Agency is Helping Minority Women Grow Generational Wealth

Minority female business owners with extensive business experience lack spaces that contribute to them the same way they contribute to a space. We want to change that.

'Boating with Bosses' is a part of our Quarterly Business Roundtable experience, an experiential activation created to help experienced minority, women-owned businesses connect, partner, grow their revenue, and scale beyond solopreneurship.

Through 'Boating with Bosses' and other activations under the Quarterly Business Roundtable experiences, our attendees can learn about acquiring financial resources for growth, develop connections to build profitable partnerships, attract more leads to grow their business revenue, and improve their operations to retain clientele.

During 'Boating with Bosses' our attendees have the opportunity to get to know other businesswomen who are operating at similar revenue levels without the pressure of a conference-like setting. Our experience will be intimate and limited to 15 attendees to ensure maximum impact and connectivity.

It is the mission of 'Boating with Bosses' to support minority, women-owned businesses in developing more employer businesses and creating jobs where diversity is intertwined in the company culture.

Through our efforts, we intend to grow the number of minority, women led businesses with 2-10 employees, help them to grow beyond six-figures in revenue, and provide them with information to grow sustainable businesses that become vehicles of generational wealth.

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